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Thủ tục xin visa cho người Nga vào Việt Nam

Cập nhật: 14/02/2017

Những người muốn xin thị thực, visa vào Việt Nam có thể chọn một trong các hình thức sau:

1. Entry visa-free status:

Russia is one of the countries that are exempted from unilateral visas, so Russians can enter Vietnam under the visa exemption under Vietnamese law.

The period of visa exemption is up to 15 days and will not be converted visa type. After the expiration of their stay in Vietnam (no more than 15 days), foreigners must exit Vietnam and, if they wish to enter Vietnam, the visa exemption must be less than the time of departure from Vietnam. last 30 days.

When entering Vietnam, only valid passports, round trip tickets (such as air tickets, train tickets ...).

2. Russians applying for visa at Vietnam's airports and international border gates:

If the Russians want to enter Vietnam for a longer period of time than visa exemptions (1 month, 3 months, ...), need to prepare documents, visa applications for visas to Russians.

3. The Russian visa application, visa to Vietnam at the Embassy, ​​the Consulate of Vietnam:

Foreigners can apply for a visa at the Vietnamese diplomatic mission in Russia (Embassy, ​​Consulate). This is similar to applying for a visa at an airport or international border gate, but foreigners will carry out visa procedures at the Embassy or Consulate.

Note: Cases of applying for visas to Vietnam must not be subject to entry or bans on entry into Vietnam.

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