Why should you use legal services regularly?

Last Updated: 12/9/2018
*) What is regular legal advice?
     Regular legal advice for businesses is a way to provide legal services arise often or unexpectedly of enterprises.
     When using regular legal counseling services, clients may contact an attorney at any time in accordance with the agreed arrangements to make the counseling request or the proposed coordinated resolution of the case. .
     The use of legal advice services frequently helps businesses quickly and accurately solve the problems / legal issues encountered during the operation.
*) The reason should be to use legal advice services regularly
     When a business does not have a legal department or a legal department does not have the expertise to handle all the legal issues surrounding its operations, the business should use the service. Regular legal advice. Reason:
     - Economic:
          + The enterprise only has to pay for a lawyer but still receive professional knowledge as from the whole lawyers;
Using legal counsel services regularly will save costs, time spent working in the business for a lawyer;
Saving HR expenses, benefits related to full time staff at the company such as social insurance, union, bonuses, costumes, management costs.
     - On timeliness: When using the service, one or more lawyers will be sent to work regularly with the business, to grasp the business situation of the business regularly, so when there are problems. Derived will be resolved promptly, saving time.
     - Effectiveness: The counselor regularly understands in detail the situation of the enterprise and provides solutions to potential problems before the damage is caused to the enterprise.
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