What is exit? Which cases will be suspended exit or forced exit?

Last Updated: 10/26/2018

About Law, scene, too scene, external place of external out of Vietnam

1. Export scene: is a people of the leading of the lãnh thổ Việt Nam via the window of Vietnam

The external external export when have enough conditions after this:

  • Passport or paper page has the international value;
  • The temporary residence or temporary tag certificate, resident tag value;
  • The context is not allowed in temporary output.

2. Warning output:

Is a validation of the user of the validation of the temporary term of the temporary time for the external out of the resident at Vietnam.

The external users can be temporary warning if the following one of the following fields are here:

  • Are being been can be be be, affliced, the following affliced relationship in the service or is a single, the event, the following person of the following service, business business, business, action main, the same and family;
  • There is an existing tasks, determine of the Project, undefined of the Edge of the Surface painting;
  • Tax undefined undefined;;
  • There are an administrator chấp thuận xử lý chính phạm vi vi phạm;
  • For an international, an ninh.

Temporary temporary temporary warning is too 03 year and may be family.

3. Force output

Is a validation of the user of the user of the external of the external of the external of the left of the left of Vietnam

The external users can be specified in the case after this:

  • Temporary terminated out but not exit;
  • For an international, an ninh, trật tự, hội toàn xã hội.