Visa exemption - Things to know

Last Updated: 9/17/2018

*) Visa exempt definition:

Visa exemption is the entry of a foreign national into a country that does not have to apply for a visa or visa because his / her country has signed visa exemption agreements / agreements with each other, or bilateral.

* Visa exemptions:

- Exemption of visa is automatically exempted visa for the citizens of the countries that have concluded visa exemption agreements with Vietnam. In this case, the visa exemption application is free.
- Exemption of 5-year visas: applicable to Vietnamese residing overseas and foreigners being spouses or children of Vietnamese citizens or Vietnamese residing overseas. In this case, when applying for a visa exemption, the citizen must pay the fee to the State agency.

*) Visa waiver forms:

Visa exemption visa: affixed to a foreign passport of a Vietnamese residing overseas and a foreigner applying for entry into Vietnam visa exemption documents

- Exemption of visa type: visa exemption certificate for Vietnamese residing overseas who only have permanent residence certificates issued by foreign countries and passport users of countries and territories where Vietnam does not have a relationship. diplomatic.

*) Fees:

Visa exemption fee is US $ 10 (applicable from 01/01/2017).

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