The latest regulation on Vietnam Tourism Visa 2020

Last Updated: 5/4/2020

Tourist visa (DL) is the most popular visa in Vietnam, is issued to foreigners entering Vietnam for tourism purposes and does not apply to foreigners who intend to work during their stay in Vietnam.

According to the new Immigration Law 2019, tourist visas for foreigners with a term of 1 month will be granted a temporary residence stamp for 1 month, a tourist visa with a period of 03 months is also only granted a temporary stamp for 1 month (not 03 months as before). Therefore, it can be understood that, although the visa period is valid for 03 months, foreigners are not allowed to stay in Vietnam for 3 continuous months. Instead, it is a continuous stay of 01 month, after that, you must exit and perform re-entry or extension. This is similar to the visa rules of many other countries like Chinese visa...

Such regulations are aimed at restricting foreign visitors, in the name of tourist visa, but working illegally in Vietnam, causing difficulties in the management of state agencies.

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