Set-up Representative Office of Foreign Trader in Vietnam

Last Updated: 5/20/2020

A foreign business entity or a foreign trader is allowed to establish Representative Office in Vietnam.

Representative office of a foreign business entity in Vietnam (referred as “Representative Office”) means a subsidiary unit of the foreign business entity, established in accordance with the law of Vietnam in order to survey markets and to undertake a number of commercial enhancement activities permitted by the law of Vietnam.

Representative Office will need to apply and obtain the establishment license; and have a seal bearing the name of the representative office.

Representative Office is not allowed to directly conduct profit making activities in Vietnam (i.e: the execution of contracts, direct payment or receipt of funds, sale or purchase of goods, or provision of services), but the representative Office is permitted to

To operate strictly in accordance with the purposes, scope and duration stated in the license for establishment of such representative office;

To rent offices and to lease or purchase the equipment and facilities necessary for the operation of the Representative Office;

To recruit Vietnamese and foreign employees to work for the Representative Office in accordance with the law of Vietnam;

To open accounts in foreign currency and in Vietnamese Dong sourced from foreign currency at banks which are licensed to operate in Vietnam, and to use such accounts solely for the operation of the Representative Office.

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