Service to set a first capital of the external in massage fields

Last Updated: 12/9/2018

Massage services, also known as massage services are quite popular now. At present, people are increasingly interested in health and beauty so the demand for massage services is also increasing. The establishment of business services more established masage.

HD Law provides the establishment services of foreign invested companies in the field of massage:

     - Consultancy of Vietnamese law on conditions of investment with massage industry

     - Advice on the advantages and difficulties that foreigners encounter when investing in the massage industry

     - On behalf of investors working with state agencies on applying for investment approval

     - Assist the business to prepare the necessary documents and support to compile a valid dossier

     - Representing investors to work with competent authorities

     - The representative of the investor submits the application for the enterprise registration certificate

     - Delivering results to the business

     - Free consultancy after the establishment

     - Consulting, supporting the work related to the company's activities.

     - Applying for a license for the business can be put into operation.

HD Law provides services to establish foreign invested capital in the massage sector in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces. If you have any questions please contact directly to the nearest HD Law Office for detailed advice.

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