Providing legal advice on the internal affairs of enterprises

Last Updated: 12/10/2018
In order to provide legal consultancy services regularly professional, perfect and most effective. HD Law provides regular legal advice to businesses about internal business
* HD Law provides regular legal advice on the internal business:
     - Changing the business registration contents: Changing the name of the company, the office of the company, withdrawing / supplementing business lines, increasing / decreasing charter capital, transferring capital, changing the legal representative of the company….
     - Consult investment procedures, apply for investment license;
     - Consultancy on tax law, corporate finance;
     - Advising on capital contribution to establish a company, establishing branches, representative offices, establishing business locations, mobilizing capital;
     - Consultancy on division, separation, merger, consolidation, transformation, restructuring of enterprises, leasing, buying, selling, suspending operation, dissolution, bankruptcy of enterprises;
     - Consultancy on corporate model, establishment of economic groups, restructuring of other enterprises;
     - Consultation on labor law: labor contracts, labor regulations, collective labor agreements, wage regimes, construction of table scale; salary, employment plan, social insurance, application for a permit for foreign workers ...
     - Consulting and implementing the regulation, charter, internal, enterprise wage scale;
     - Consulting commercial insurance, civil insurance;
     - Consulting on the development, development and protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises;
     - Providing contracts and forms for working with state agencies;
     - Advising on other matters of management and operation of enterprises.
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