Procedures of Imported Cosmetics Publication in Hanoi

Last Updated: 11/6/2018

1. Legal basis: Circular no. 06/2011/TT-BYT about cosmetics management.

2. Subject: companies and persons that want to sell cosmetics.

3. Validity of License: 05 years.

4. Dossiers for the procedures of imported cosmetics publication:

- Cosmetic products publication receipt;

- The duplicate of Business Registration Certificate;

- Power of Attorney (PoA);

- Certificate of Free Sales (CFS).

5. Place of Application: Drug Administration – Ministry of Health.

6. Time limit for complete the procedures: within 03 working days since companies or persons selling imported cosmetics apply those valid dossiers as well as pay the State fees, Drug Administration – Ministry of Health would provide number of the imported cosmetics publication receipts for companies or persons mentioned above.

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