Procedures for new issue of Temporary Residence Card for Korean workers who are exempted from Work Permit in Hanoi

Last Updated: 11/13/2018

1. Duration of Temporary Residence Card for foreign workers: not over 02 years.

2. Conditions for foreign workers to get a Temporary Residence Card:

- Minimum duration of their passport is 13 months;

- Their visa is being used for right purpose in Vietnam;

- They have Work Permit Exemption Certificate.

3. Dossiers required to apply for a Temporary Residence Card:

- 01 copy of Business Registration License or Investment Certificate of the company that hires Korean workers;

- 01 copy of Certificate of Seal Form Registration and Company’s Signature;

- 01 Seal Form and Signature Registration of the company (as the NA16 form);

- 01 written request for Temporary Residence Card for Korean workers of the company that hires him/her (as the NA6 form);

- 01 information form for a Temporary Residence Card (as the NA8 form);

- Korean workers’ original passport and visa;

- Korean workers’ Work Permit Exemption Certificate;

- 02 portrait photos size 2cmx3cm.

4. Place of application: Vietnam Immigration Department.

5. Time limit for complete procedure: 05 working days since the Korean applies those valid dossiers.

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