Procedures for extending one-year temporary residence cards for foreigners whose parents are Vietnamese

Last Updated: 10/19/2018

1. Conditions for granting temporary residence cards to married foreigners:

     - Passport of foreigners remaining valid for at least 13 months;

     - Visas are being used in Vietnam for the right purpose;

     - Having a marriage certificate in Vietnam or a marriage certificate in Vietnam, for cases of marriage registration in foreign countries.

2. Dossiers of application for temporary residence cards for foreigners having Vietnamese husbands in Hanoi:

     - Certificate of marriage registration in Vietnam or marriage annals in Vietnam, for cases of marriage registration in foreign countries;

     - Form NA7: Application for guarantee and issuance of temporary residence card for foreigners to be signed and stamped by Ward Police (download);

     - Form NA8: Application form for temporary residence card for foreigner (download);

     - Original passport and original visa;

     - 02 photos 2cmx3cm;

     - Vietnamese husband's household register is Vietnamese;

     - ID card / ID card of the husband is Vietnamese.

3. Time limit for temporary residence card: not exceeding 3 years in accordance with current provisions of law.

4. Place of filing: Immigration Department.

5. Time limit for carrying out procedures: 05 working days from the date of submission of valid dossiers.

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