Procedures for extending a visiting visas for foreigners

Last Updated: 5/12/2020

Visiting visas are issued to foreigners who have relatives living in Vietnam. Relatives can be father, mother (for children under 18), or husband and wife. A few conditions to note for a visit visa:

- Must be sponsored by a relative currently living in Vietnam.

Relatives (or guarantors) here may be Vietnamese or foreigners who have a visa and are legally living in Vietnam.

- Must have proof of relative relationship.

If the document is a document in a foreign language, it must be consular legalized, translated and notarized

Visas are valid for up to 1 year and can be extended upon expiry. The extended term is also 1 year.

Profile components:

- Visa extension application form (Form NA5).


• If you are a Vietnamese surety, the NA5 form requires confirmation from the police of the commune or ward where the guarantor permanently resides

• If the guarantor relative is a foreigner, the NA5 form needs confirmation from the sponsor.

- Original passport and current visa of foreigners needing to extend visa

- Proof of identity of guarantor, notarized copy

• Guarantors are Vietnamese, they need: ID card or Citizenship or passport.

• Guarantor is a foreigner, they need: Passport and visa using the notarized copy.

- Proof of personal relationship (such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, family relationship certificate)

- Declaration of temporary residence in Vietnam with certification of the police of the commune or ward (only applies to cases where the guarantor is a foreigner). See also: Instructions on procedures for temporary residence declaration for foreigners

Place of submission:

- Immigration Department

Processing Time:

- 05 working days from the date of receiving valid file.

Vietnamese law stipulates that visas issued to foreigners must be used for the right purposes, meaning that with this type of visit, foreigners are not allowed to work or work in Vietnam. Care should be taken to avoid penalties for misuse of visa visas.

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