How to get the Temporary Residence Cards in Vietnam?

Last Updated: 4/7/2020

Foreigners who hold work permits valid for one year or more, as well as senior management, can be granted a temporary residential card (TRC). 

Temporary residence cards are issued by the immigration agency under the Ministry of Public Security, and will be valid from 1 to 5 years. People with temporary residence cards valid can enter and exit Vietnam without Vietnam visa.

 You are able to granted temporary residence card, if you are:

•  A member of the two member limited liability company or more;

• An owner of the one member limited liability company( except as authorized representatives);

• A member of the board director of the stock corporation;

• Foreign lawyer who is licensed to practice following Vietnam law by the Vietnam Ministry of Justice;

• Foreigner who granted working permit in all kinds of businesses or representatives offices of foreign companies;

• Professionals, students, trainees who are in the national working or studying programs which is signed between the ministries was approved by the Government;

• Relatives of the temporary resident card holder include: parents, spouse and children;

We would like to show you the procedures of granted temporary residence card:

1. Procedure of new issued temporary residence card:

• 1 written request for temporary residence card

• 2 2*3 photos

• 1 copy of passport and a valid visa

• 1 copy or duplicate of legal agencies, organizations, sponsor businesses record

 If you enter to Vietnam with your relatives, you have to submit birth certificate, marriage certificate or household registration;

2. Procedures of changing a temporary residence card:

Besides all documents likely ones when submitting the new temporary card, you need to prepare the old temporary residence card.

It takes you about 5 working-days to get the temporary residence card changed.

3. Procedures of lost temporary residence card:

If you lost your temporary residence card, you have to announce to the office immediately. The releasing time is 14 working-days.

 If you have any trouble in applying the temporary residence card, you can contact us for more support via email or hotline: +84. 988073181


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