How to get a TRC for the Japanese that has Vietnamese husband in Hung Yen?

Last Updated: 12/10/2018

Dear Sir/Madam! I live in Hung Yen. My wife is Japanese and we have Marriage Registration. My wife wants to live in Vietnam with me for 01 year before we move to Japanese. Could you give me some information about the procedures of applying for a TRC for my wife? Sincerely!


First and foremost, we are honored that you have concerned about our service!

As you have mentioned above, your wife wants to get a Temporary Residence Card to live in Vietnam about 01 year. According to the Law No.47/2014/QH13, your wife can get a TRC with the maximum duration of 03 years.

1. Duration of TRC for Japanese that has Vietnamese husband: not over 03 years.

2. Conditions for the Japanese:

- Minimum duration of the Japanese is 13 months;

- The Japanese’s visa is being used with right purpose in Vietnam;

- There is a Marriage Registration which proves the relationship between the Japanese wife and the Vietnamese husband.

3. Dossiers required to get a TRC:

- 01 copy of Marriage Registration;

- 01 information form for a TRC (as the NA8 form);

- 01 guarantee for the Japanese to get a TRC (as the NA7 form);

- The Japanese’s original passport and visa;

- The Vietnamese husband’s Household Registration Book;

- The Vietnamese husband’s Identity Card;

- 02 portrait photos size 02cmx03cm.

4. Place of application: Immigration Office – Vinh Phuc Department of Public Security.

5. Time limit for complete procedures: 05 working days since the Japanese applies those valid dossiers.

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