How to extend 1-year-duration of TRC for a Japanese worker that is exempted from Work Permit in Bac Giang?

Last Updated: 12/14/2018

Dear Sir/Madam! I work as a personnel officer in a company that is in Bac Giang. My company has hired a Japanese worker to work for us for almost 2 years. She is exempted from Work Permit and has already had a TRC in Vietnam which will be expired in the end of this year. I want to know the procedures for extending her TRC duration for 01 year, could you please give me some information? Sincerely!


First and foremost, we are honored that you have concerned about our service!

According to the Law No.47/2014/QH13, foreign workers can extend the duration of their TRC not over 02 years. You should follow those sections below to extend her duration of TRC:

1. Conditions for the Japanese worker:

- The duration of her passport is 06 months longer than the duration of her TRC that is being used now;

- Her visa is being used for right purpose in Vietnam;

- There is Work Permit Exemption Certificate.

2. Dossiers required to extend her TRC duration:

- 01 copy of Business Registration License or Investment Certificate of the company that hires the Japanese worker;

- 01 information form for TRC of the Japanese worker (as the NA8 form);

- 01 guarantee for the Japanese worker to get a TRC of the company that hires her (as the NA6 form);

- The Japanese worker’s original passport and visa;

- The Japanese worker’s Work Permit Exemption Certificate;

- 02 portrait photos size 2cmx3cm.

3. Place of application: Immigration Office – Bac Giang Department of Public Security.

4. Time limit for complete procedures: within 05 working days since the Japanese worker applies those valid dossiers.

Here come our advice for your case. If you have any trouble in applying dossiers, please contact us:


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