Establishment of a joint stock company with foreign investment

Last Updated: 9/12/2018

Establishment of foreign-invested joint stock company of HD LAW CO., LTD.

Customers referring to the establishment of foreign invested enterprises of HD Law Co., Ltd. provides:

     - Consultancy on the capital contribution ratio of foreign investors in Vietnam;

     - Advising on the selection of head office address, capital, business lines, open capital transfer account, time limit for capital contribution;

    - Consult the conditions and instruct the investor to prepare the necessary documents for the establishment of the foreign invested company;

     - Consulting and drafting the company establishment document for the investor;

     - Representatives of investors working with competent state agencies in Vietnam during the establishment of enterprises for investors (Apply for investment registration certificate, enterprise registration certificate, the seal of the legal entity, the publication of seal specimens, the procedures for the establishment of the company, tax consultancy services - accounting, transfer of profits abroad, labor - insurance, matters related to ownership wisdom…;

     - Comprehensive consultancy activities arising in the process of conducting business in Vietnam for investors.

During the establishment of a foreign-invested joint stock company, foreign investors will encounter restrictions, language barriers and complexity in the application process. Contact HD Law Firm directly for advice and assistance during the establishment of a foreign-invested joint stock company.

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