Dossiers of registration of changes in business lines

Last Updated: 12/10/2018
1. Legal grounds
     - Enterprise Law 2014
     - Decree 78/2015 / ND-CP on enterprise registration
2. Dossiers of changes in business lines:
     - Notification of changes in enterprise registration contents;
     - Minutes of changes in contents of enterprise registration on the change or supplementation of business lines (for limited liability companies and joint-stock companies)
     - Decision on changing the content of enterprise registration on changing or supplementing business lines;
     - When an enterprise additionally modifies conditional business lines, the enterprise shall have the right to make additional registration before then when the enterprise officially performs the business conditions or applies for a subsidiary license. Relate to specific business conditions.
3. Agency receiving dossiers:
To submit dossiers to the business registration bureaus of the provincial / municipal Planning and Investment Services of the localities where the enterprises are headquartered.
4. Time limit for settlement:
Within 03-55 working days after submitting complete and valid dossiers, competent agencies shall complete procedures for changing and supplementing business lines.
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