Application for temporary residence card for Koreans in Hanoi

Last Updated: 10/2/2018

1. Koreans who are granted temporary residence cards in Hanoi:

     - Korean investors;

     - Head of the NGO's office;

     - Korean workers have a work permit;

     - Koreans whose parents / wives are Vietnamese citizens.

2. Temporary residence card:

     - For Korean investors (visa with the telecommunication symbol): not exceeding 05 years according to current law provisions;

     - For subjects being head of the office of the non-governmental organization (a visa bearing the sign NN1): not exceeding 3 years at most according to the current law provisions;

     - For Korean laborers (visas bearing the labor code): not exceeding 2 years according to the current law provisions;

     - For Koreans whose parents / spouses are Vietnamese citizens (visas bearing the sign "TT"): not exceeding 03 years in accordance with the current law.

3. Conditions to apply for a temporary residence card for Koreans in Hanoi

     - General conditions:

          + Original passport valid for at least 13 months;

          + Visas are being used in Vietnam for the right purposes.

     - Specific conditions for:

          + Korean investors: The investment license must be valid for at least 01 year and the investment certificate must clearly state the capital contribution of the foreign investor;

          + Head of the office of the NGO is Korean: the duration of the operation license must be at least 01 year;

          + Korean workers: Work permit must be valid for a minimum of 1 year. In case of the exemption of work permit, there must be a certificate of exemption from work permit granted by the labor office;

          + Koreans having Vietnamese parents / spouses: Having personal documents proving the identity of Vietnamese parents / spouses (birth certificates, registration papers marriage certificate or marriage certificate, etc.), household registration book and ID card of Vietnamese parent / spouse.

4. Dossiers of application for temporary residence cards for Koreans in Thai Nguyen:

     - The original passport is valid for at least 6 months;

     - Form NA8 - Application form for temporary residence card for foreigner (download);

     - 02 photos 2cmx3cm;

     - Depending on each case, one of the following papers is added:

          + Form NA6 - An official dispatch requesting the grant of a temporary residence card to a foreigner of the guaranteeing agency or organization (download);

          + Form NA7 - Application for issuance of temporary residence card for foreigner (download);

          + Investment certificate or business registration certificate;

          + License for establishment of representative office, branch;

          + Work permit;

          + Marriage certificate, household registration book and ID card of Vietnamese spouse;

          + Birth certificate or family relationship certificate for parents who are Vietnamese citizens.

5. Place of filing: Immigration Department.

6. Procedure time: 05 working days from the date of submission of valid dossiers.

However, during the process of applying for temporary residence cards in Hanoi, foreigners may face certain difficulties due to cultural differences. Please contact us for the best advice.


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