Application for temporary residence card for foreign lawyer

Last Updated: 3/10/2018

Foreign lawyers practicing in Vietnam may apply for temporary residence cards for not more than 5 years according to the current law provisions. However, in the process of applying for a temporary residence card in Vietnam, foreign lawyers may encounter language difficulties as well as during the procedures.

HD Law Company Limited provides the following services:

     - Consult the conditions for applying temporary residence card for foreign lawyers;

     - Guiding foreigners to prepare necessary papers and documents to apply for temporary residence cards;

     - Translation, notarization and consular legalization of documents used for applying for a temporary residence card;

     - Completing the application for a temporary residence card in Vietnam for a foreign lawyer;

     - Acting on behalf of the foreigner to carry out the procedures for granting a temporary residence card to a competent state agency;

     - Advising foreign lawyers to solve problems after being granted temporary residence cards.

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