3 month visa extension procedure

Last Updated: 10/2/2018
3-month stay visa is a type of residence visa is very suitable for travelers who need to travel continuously during the stay not too long. A 3-month stay permit will make your trip or travel in a shorter period of time easier and quicker.
     A 3-month stay permit can be applied to foreigners (Overseas Vietnamese) who are investing, doing business, working, studying, traveling. calendar, visiting relatives ... temporary residence in Vietnam.
     1. An application for grant, supplement or amendment of visas or extension of temporary residence cards (form N14) issued by the exit and entry management agency (with certification by the guaranteeing agency or organization, case To visit relatives with the certification of police of wards and communes where they are staying.
     2. Original passport, visa, immigration card.
     One copy or one photocopy (with original for comparison) of papers evidencing the purpose of their stay in Vietnam (depending on the specific cases of submitting appropriate papers: enterprise establishment permit, paper investment licenses, representative office licenses, work permits, certificates of membership of boards of directors, branches of foreign companies, marriage registration certificates, birth certificates ...).
     A letter of introduction of the agency, organization or enterprise that appoints the representative to submit the dossier.

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