HD Law was established by Mr Van-Hoang Dang on 2007. Mr Dang, who is fondly known to all as Hoang, is currently into more than 17 years of legal experience. HD Law LLP was founded with a vision to build a law firm that delivers effective and efficient legal services to everyone. HD Law now has over 50 employees, allowing us to maintain a highly personalised level of service, whilst enabling us to cover a significant range of service areas across individual and corporate law. We are able to offer top-quality legal services at affordable prices by leveraging technology and falling costs of information. Unlike other law firms, we transfer these cost savings to our clients, which keep our prices very reasonable. Our areas of practice range from establish company, visa – temporary resident card - work permit  for foreigners, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, commercial agreements / contracts , tax, labor law… Even though HD Law has only been existence for 13 years, the firm has cooperated and consulted to support many large clients inside and outside Vietnam.

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What shoukd you do if you lost your passport?

What shoukd you do if you lost your passport?


The passport is an important travel document, which certifies the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel. The case in which your passport is lost or stolen when you travel aboard is not uncommon. It could make a lot of troubles and unhappy feelings for travelers when they visit Vietnam. So, ever wonder what to do if your passport is lost or stolen in Vietnam? The followings are really the helpful tips for you.